Pad and Strip footing plugin for Tekla

May - 28

Pad and Strip footing plugin for Tekla

The idea behind the creation of a modeling tool in the Tekla program came from one of our projects. In the final phase of the design, it was necessary to introduce some changes to the design, which also affected the foundation structure. We had to rebuild not only the 3D model but also the drawings. Updating the drawings in the Tekla program is a well automated process, but the model corrections, in this case, were manual work.

The PadStripFooting tool focuses on geometry development. It is possible to create a Pad or Strip footings with up to 3 feet levels. You can define the required sizes for each foot and it is easy to change the whole foundation top level mark by entering the appropriate height from the finished floor. It is also possible to enter other standard data, such as materials, assembly prefix, or specify the type of foundation – Cast in Place or Precast. It is also possible with this tool to add reinforcement components for each basic object individually, up to 10 components per object.

This tool not only makes it easy to create foundation geometry and add reinforcement components but also allows you to efficiently make changes and reduce the volume of manual operations in general.

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