The company was established when several professionals of their fields discovered their desire to look for new challenges and reach the peaks of higher professional growth.

By combining different experiences and visions we are able to accomplish technically complex projects. Our high demands on the quality of the project are determined by the common desire to create lasting values and the fact, that buildings and structures serve for decades and even centuries.

  • Our team. We have participated in designing of the projects in countries such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania and Estonia. At the high level, we manage the designing codes and their national annexes.
  • Experience. In the team members experience counts more than 300 completed projects.  We have been worked in different teams, implemented projects for wide range of functions as well as used different technologies over the years.
  • Values. In the designing process, we are seeking for best and in the same time simplest solutions to ensure high quality and efficiency of the implementation of the project. We can combine proven values and solutions with cutting-edge technologies and trends in the industry.
  • The creation of innovations. We aren’t limited only to use of new technologies and IT solutions, but are capable also to create. We are continuously improving designing processes. Often, they are minor improvements what daily are done by team members, but in the long-term impact on the company is a significant. We also work on major innovations that could influence the development of the industry.

In daily work we are using following up-to-date software in designing industry:



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